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There are three things that makes successful charter service in nautical tourism: Destination, Boat and People. Croatian coast is officially one of the top charter destinations.

Cro Yachting in CroatiaIt has history, it has nature, it has gastronomy, it has hospitality, it has story and it has enough space for new stories to be written.

31.067 square kilometers of Croatian sea, with 6.176 km long coast which has 1.244 island and islets, is perfect sheet for drawing dream cruising for everyone. Choices are endless, as well as number of places to visit, cities, rocks, coves… Whichever idea for dream vacation you have, we have perfect Adriatic sheet to draw it on and go beyond your expectation.

Croatia's coastline is a beautiful oasis dotted with thousands of islands, sandy beaches, and exciting harbours and marinas. Enjoy this stunning view as you sail through the clear blue sea. With the mystical pirate history and culture, you are immersed in the natural splendour of the Adriatic. Let us show you paradise.

Friends on a yacht in summerCro Yachting offers a number of options for seafaring in the Adriatic; rent a boat with or without a skipper and crew - a ‘bareboat charter’, though all your needs are catered for! Go back in time and cruise in an old sailing boat as ancient mariners would have, but in modern day comfort. Try your hand at a number of thrilling activities, such as rafting, diving or wind surfing. You can even have a go at big game fishing!

Our boat offer covers it all, we have variety in yacht designs, models, types, sizes, and crews. You describe it and we will find it. Whether you like silence and freedom of sail, luxury and comfort of motor yacht, or if you want unique way to be introduced with Adriatic sea with custom made luxury gulets which you can find only in parts of Mediterranean and which are perfect combination of tradition and luxury, or you need speed of a rib boat or luxury of a mega yacht, we have it all. They are perfectly maintained so you'll get feeling they were made just for you.

Clients who became friends for life.At last, but the most important, are people. Starting with highly professional, sophisticated and creative cro yachting team who will help you to transform yor dream into reality, through well trained crew who will be there for you in every step of your journey, to you, our satisfied client.

Cro Yachting mission is to meet the client, figure it out what are clients dreams, wishes and desires, and then create adequate journey, that is why our every cruising is tailor made to fit for client. After 10 years of experience it become easy to find perfect destination and perfect boat for everyone, and our expertise in nautical field feels like we were born with it. If unique, perfect, unmatched, the best, are the words you would like to describe your holiday with, you should not hesitate, Cro Yachting is a right choice.

Of the 1,250 Croatian islands, we are sure there will be one perfect for you. Let us take care of more than just your chartered yacht - we can offer yacht management, yacht sales and event management, allowing you to make the most of your time along the Croatian coastline. Rent a boat for as little as a single day, with or without skipper and crew. Cro Yachting are here to help you have the holiday of a lifetime.

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