Chef Deon

Chef Deon is an elected professional member of the South African Chefs Association.
He has been in the hospitality industry since the age of sixteen.

Meal cooked by Chef DeonHe started washing pots in a restaurant in Johannesburg over weekends to earn pocket money while still at school and over time he has worked his way up the ranks to the level of Executive Chef.

His repertoire is best described as Contemporary Fusion Cuisine and his flavour profiles are rooted firmly in Mediterranean flavours with a strong accent on classic French and Italian methods and disciplines that are fused with Thai-, Greek -, Moroccan-, South African- Continental and other Middle Eastern, Asian and Oriental influences.

He has worked as a Consulting chef, Prive Chef, Patron Chef and as Head or Executive Chef in many types of establishments ranging from institutional catering (South African Air Force and Residents' Village at a mining development) to Fine Dining and destination-venue type restaurants in various South African cities, most recent being in Cape Town where he headed up the kitchen at the iconic and quintessentially eclectic Bombay Bicycle Club which is part of the renowned Madame Zingara group of restaurants.

Chef Deon's beef dishIn April 2015 Chef Deon joined the Mediterranean Super-yacht industry and to date has completed several freelance roles as Sole Chef on various sized motor-yachts in Italy at La Spezia, Capri and Sardinia, in France at Antibes and Cannes and in Spain at Tarragona and Ibiza.

Being adventurous by nature, while in Antibes, Chef Deon participated in the annual Blue Water Chef of the Year Mystery Basket Competition where he placed 2nd from a total of 12 Super Yacht chefs.

Currently he is based in Barcelona.