Whether you are a yacht owner or a yachting professional, BoatZing brings you the tools you need online to manage your boat, your fleet or grow your boating business.

No matter how big your yacht is, one thing remains true: yacht maintenance should be a primary concern for you. After all, you have already invested a sizeable amount of money on your vessel. Given this fact, you should see to it that you invest on the necessary maintenance tools that will help safeguard your investment.

To ensure the protection of your yacht and your passengers, make sure that you invest on the right software. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, there are now various digital tools that you can use to take on the task of maintaining your yacht.

Most people often ask why they need to undergo the steps of yacht maintenance. This is particularly true among new yacht owners who are still discovering the intricacies of their vessels. The answer is pretty simple and very obvious, as a matter of fact: safety. Ensuring that you tend to your vessel’s maintenance needs will also guarantee that the crew and passengers that bring your yacht to sea will be safe during their trip. BoatZing is a boat maintenance log that will help you maintain the safety of your yacht.

If you do not use a yacht maintenance log that will allow you to fully inspect your vessel, then there is a possibility that a minor problem may slip past your watchful eye. This minor problem can turn into a big one in the long run. Missing an equipment servicing or even a simple problem may lead to worse situations. Leaving these problems undetected and unsolved can lead to loss of money or, even worse, loss of lives. With a complete equipment inventory, you will have knowledge about your yachts equipment and their maintenance status at all times. BoatZing provides a complete and easy-to-use equipment inventory allowing you to receive maintenance reminders for your equipment as they come due and keep all your equipment details at your fingertips (make, model, equipment hours, maintenance history...).

Using a yacht maintenance log allow you to store all your documents such as registration or insurance, your receipts and estimates, or images documenting needed repairs, damage or completed work.  BoatZing allows you to store all your documents for your boat in one place.

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