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Taking green into the blue, Ellen Oerlemans and Laureth Craggs. If you have any questions, suggestions or require any further information, feel free to contact us. 

Those who work in the super yacht industry now have an integrated, online shopping service with a strong focus on holistic, natural and marine life friendly products.

Crew have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of biodegradable and environmentally sensitive products, coupled with the convenience of a concierge style one-on-one service ethos. The Holistic Hospitality range so far includes cleaning products, guest amenities right through to organic cotton linen, towels, guest slippers and air purifying products.

Holistic Hospitality“The benefit of Holistic Hospitality is that our clients only deal with one supplier,” explains company founder Laureth Craggs. “Products are delivered right to the preferred destination, and myself and my partner Ellen Oerlemans are the only points of contact throughout the process,” she says.

The principal philosophy behind the online company was born in 2005 while the founders, Ellen Oerlemans and Laureth Craggs were working on a yacht in the Mediterranean. Inspired by their love of the ocean, the earth and its people, the two began dreaming about ultimately making the ocean a greener place.

“We believe that luxury, quality and green integrity can indeed go hand in hand,’ says Laureth. Their commitment is to provide top class, luxurious products and service solutions that enhance guest experiences at the finest yachts and villas around the world – without leaving any pollutant footprints.

“All of the products on our site have been carefully selected with the utmost attention to detail. We work closely with our suppliers and with this in mind we have committed to returning 5% of our net profit to Food and Trees for Africa and 5% to Mission Blue, an ocean conservancy programme. It is just one more way we feel we can make a positive contribution”, says Ellen.

“We personally understand the time constraints and stresses within the industry, and also the difference that innovative products and tools can make to alleviate these stresses. We wanted to start a company that would benefit both crew and the environment,” says Ellen. “Our ultimate goal includes spreading a greater awareness throughout the yachting industry of the products we use on deck and inside, enabling us to get to a point of zero harm to ourselves, the environment and aquatic life, whilst retaining maximum efficiency.”

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