Tahiti Yacht Services

French Polynesia, known throughout the world as a luxury destination, is a divine place for amazing island hopping. Simply click "read more" to jump over and read the full story!

Tahiti Yacht ServicesIn fact, we have a few hundred and eighteen islands divided in 5 archipelagos, and needless to say, there’s plenty to do and see; from pristine turquoise lagoons, where you can enjoy relaxing snorkeling all day long or attempt more serious dives to find yourself facing impressive sharks, to hidden hiking tracks that will lead you to magnificent mountains and volcanoes.

For those looking for a little more action, this is the perfect region for year round marlin catching and deep-sea spear fishing. There’s always something bubbly happening; sport events, whale watching season or cultural festivals. Tahiti Yacht Services, an independent Superyacht Agency, is dedicated to provide quality support to luxury yachts in French Polynesia.We have been supplying expert agency services for over 12 years, and we pride ourselves on ensuring you fully benefit from every moment of your cruise in our islands.

Our team has carefully handpicked professional partners and operators, geared up to deliver an outstanding performance, based on your needs.

Tahiti Yacht Lifting ServicesTahiti Yacht Services offers an extensive range of services, which involve strategic port matters, yacht maintenance and tailored activity bookings. The remoteness of our location plays an important role in the preservation of its immaculate state and despite the distance, we always works in order to process any request in a professional and timely manner.

Over the years, we have come to build a premium network in this industry, which today, gladly stands at your service. For more information please request our brochure today at yacht@tys.pf