Establishing Yacht Friend as a Global Community Portal for Yachties!

Welcome to the website portal. We’re Yacht Friend, a global community blogging platform for the Yachting industry supporting British companies globally. This is a unique one off chance for your business to get some serious exposure online. We are only allowing a few companies to freely advertise their services on our website. All we ask in return is the opportunity to add you to our mailing list. What could be easier. The company is a not for profit organisation and as such has no sales and marketing agenda.

Yacht Crew Selfies...The blogs are an integral part of Yacht Friend’ community concept – it’s where the crew themselves get to speak. And that means you! The great thing about the Yacht Friends blog is that it gives you the opportunity to promote what you do to the Global yachting community – and it’s all totally FREE!

By sharing expertise, useful skills and tips, latest business trends and insights, you’re able to position yourself as a thought leader in your professional subject area while giving your blog profile and online visibility a nice boost. Our blogs are also read by 100's of people from all over the globe! Click the blue box at the footer of site to make contact.
If you love yachts and are passionate about life on the sea, make a friend with Yacht Friend.

Our overall vision of the brand is to remain focussed on the core fundamentals of yachting, whilst at the same time seeking out new partnerships and friends in the marine and nautical world which then helps promote capital growth and success.

Your stories wanted... We are looking for an overview of what stewies do on a day to day in her/his role on a yacht. We want this story from a current-working-on-a-yacht Steward/ess. You will not be expected to share anything confidential, they just want quotes from people who work on yachts. We are hoping a few Stewies would like to be profiled on the site, it can be a story of you on a yacht or why you got into yachting etc. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.