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Hey Sonny,

So hereby I am trying to give u a little picture about my days on "my" boat...

Crew BlogMy name is Eva, 31 and after 5 years on river, I decided to move on and break into the yachting industry. Took me a "little" while, mainly because I did not really know, how and where to get started. I have done a lot of research, taking courses and in February this year I decided to give up my old job and I went to France hunting for job on a luxury mega yacht! I have to say, I have been really lucky, have made many contacts and after few weeks of day working in France I got an offer for this amazing boat, where I am spending my days at the moment. All, what I have wished for myself came true and even more! I am working on a beautiful 68 m private boat with an excellent captain,  great crew, management and cool owner and I believe, this boat is a really exceptional one! We usually work in 2 different daily routines: when just the crew is on board and when the owner with his family is with us. If just we, the crew are on the boat, we work from Monday till Friday, from 8 am till 5 pm. I start at 8 am, and one day I am doing the laundry, the other day I am cleaning in the crew area and the 3rd day is my guest's area-day. To know more about this wonderful story, read my full blog.

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