Accessibility Information
This website is produced using a cutting edge CMS system and uses third party plugins to power the website.

We endeavour to provide an internet experience and solution capable of delivering an accessible website that complies with internet delivery systems, but this takes time. The site is updated weekly with information and release updates to the Sussex Pages website to enhance the experience of using the site portal.

The Development Team focuses on front-end accessibility for all releases of the Sussex Pages website portal.

Please note that while Yacht Friend will provide the ability to deliver a good website experience, many requirements depend on the component and plugins created by third party developers of which we cannot control. As such, the Yacht Friend site may well not fully comply with all past and present requirements for compliance litegation at this stage. For reasons out of the control of the website and technical development team the site is in beta test mode to build a website which is fully compliant, but this takes time.

Back end admin
While we will incorporate as many accessibility "features" in the back-end as possible, the technical changes required to reach a fully compliance rated website at this point would involve an extensive re-write of the code and this is being done at a later stage of the website portal build. It would be counter-productive to do a full code rewrite everytime there is a search engine update or change. So major enhancements and updates are done once a quarter to save time.

Current processes
While we are committed to accessibility, we are aware, and regret, that our website does not fully comply with all of the latest web software requirements, nor does it currently validate with certian Transitional processes. The site is based on a CMS, and as such, will be compliant when Yacht Friend meets requirements set out by its technical team.

Future processes
We are dedicated to complying with current web standards (XHTML/WML, CSS, HTML5) and best practices. This will become possible as the Yacht Friend website addresses known issues. The website is tested every month with Google Analytics and Web Master Tools to check for inperfections.

The site is responsive by design and tested for cHTML and Smartphone use to make the website experience the best it can be in its current stage of development.

Any queries or questions should be raised by emailing us on the contact page.