Banner Exchanges

Place our banner on your business website and we will duplicate the same service on Yacht Friend.

There are many benefits to an advertising banner with Yacht Friend. Having such a reputable website ourselves, a link from us to you is seen favourably by Google, and can potentially help your search engine ranking. To make the most of this, we would suggest making the banner trackable so that you can see how many impressions you get.

Hellas Yachting, Business Partners to Yacht FriendEach of our advertising banners has a link back to your website, and with high quality artwork, we aim to give you click-throughs and visitors. As a business who believe strongly in helping our own customers to be successful, we have designed our own website with these advertisements in mind, allowing your business to be seen by as many visitors to Yacht Friend as possible, as a company you are given exclusive advertising rights on the page, which then also allows guests to the site to see your links and business directly.

Yacht Friend's business ethos is to have an open collaboration with a few professional resource partners so that we can each benefit from the banner exchange. Click the blue box to partner and contact us.

Yacht Friend is a yachting portal which has been managed and engineered to offer a free blogging service to yacht crew members, this gives them a voice to express what they do on yachts and boats with stories about life on the sea. We have no marketing or sales agenda so it's easy to talk to us.... We look forward to chatting soon.