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Herb Fredrick

Yacht Friend joined facebook over 7 years ago with just two members.

Sonny Cutting and Louis Campbell-Squier then decided to grow the group virally by adding as many crew members, captains, yacht owners and yachting enthusiasts to the group to grow awareness of what the YF brand was, it was only when the group had over 1500 members that other members started sharing content to make it trend virally and that's when the group started to lift off.

The group page now has over 6,000 members and is still growing with new members joining every day. You can request to join the group by following this link > Join Yacht Friend For more info.
Herb was one of our first ever moderators and it's been a real pleasure getting to know him.

Along with Herb as a group moderator we also have a few other outstanding yachting consultants and this includes:
Martin Mikelic - CEO & Founder at Cro YACHTING - Joined 6 Years ago.
Isla McKechnie - Superyacht Group - Joined 6 Years ago.
Luciano Facchini - Creative Designer at Max Information - Joined 2 Years ago.
Lakis Toussas - Managing Director at HELLAS YACHTING - Joined 2 Years ago.
Silvana Mattera - MD & Founder at In The Sun Yacht Services - Joined 2 Years ago.
Yotof Photographe - Photographe indépendant at Photographe - 11 Months Years ago.
Debbie Hammond - Travel Consultant at Designer Travel - 4 Months Years ago.
Diano Juric - Content Creator at YouTube - 3 Months ago.

Thank you from Yacht FriendWe just want to say something to all of our special YACHT FRIENDS who help make this website what it is and for moderating and administering our 6000+ member facebook page.

Our mission statement is to become a successful community site for yacht crew and yachting associated businesses. Our overall vision of the brand is to remain focussed on the core fundamentals of yachting, whilst at the same time seeking out new partnerships and friends in the nautical world which then helps promote growth.

Sonny Cutting, Director of Sussex Pages and Net XP, thanks you for your continued support of this community based yacht company. Louis Campbell, Co-founder also thanks you.