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Entry into this section is free, but it's on a first come first serve basis as we're only adding 15 companies.

Our website links page is a bit different to many others, as it's quite exclusive, we're also only allowing a few companies into it as we want those companies to link directly back to us with reciprical links to help the seo. The weblinks section will not become the biggest on the planet, most people use Google for that, ours will be a small, exclusive group of business friends who see the website link program as a way to promote their services to guests to the site.

Free Business DirectoryThe company is currently made up of two people who became good friends whilst working together at BT for several years. It was at a conference in Malta that Sonny Cutting and Louis Campbell-Squier realised that there was an opportunity for UK Yacht Crew and Yacht Businesses to profile their services more widely to the UK and beyond. The website portal has had a lot of visitors in the past 8 years, so it was nigh time that the site was set up to capture those businesses visiting our website portal. We're currently looking for businesses to join the Yacht Friend group on facebook, so if you're keen to know more, click the blue box at the footer of the site to make contact.