Yacht Blogs

Send us an article on yachting and we will publish it if it meets our criteria as a unique one off blog.

We've decided to allow crew, captains, yacht owners and businesses to blog freely into our website. Blogs must however be unique and written exclusively for Yacht Friend.
By sharing expertise, useful skills and tips, latest business trends and insights, you’re able to position yourself as a thought leader in your professional subject area while giving your business profile and a nice boost. Our blogs are also read by 100's of people everyday from all over the globe, so you get very good exposure, how cool is that!

Free Blogging ServicesOnce your blog post goes live, we encourage everyone to share the link on other  digital platforms (including your own website and Facebook page), spreading the word and raising your profile further. We think that’s a pretty compelling offer, don’t you? Of course, the more bloggers we have, the more Yacht Friend will come alive; it’s a virtuous circle that will benefit us all. If you do decide to blog with us, this is what we require….. Articles need to be 400+ words per article and they MUST be unique.

We don’t pay anyone to have their articles posted on our website, but in return we don’t charge you to have them posted. It’s a symbiotic relationship which works very harmoniously. We look forward to hearing from you. Please click on the blue box on the bottom right of the screen to contact us.