Video Listings

Our video service is free to any business, simply send us your video You tube link and we will do the rest.

Our video was created by Paul Bridges, who is an expert in motion graphics and video editing, and owns - Paul works very closely with Sussex Pages.
Yacht Friend is a community website for yachties worldwide, we do not make money from the business, we simply work in open partnership to promote our own brand and those of our preferred business resource partners. If you would like to be a friend to "Yacht Friend" simply click the blue box below and make contact.

If you have a video already and you simply want to promote it on our website, simply send the You Tube, Vimeo or other media code and we will embed it into an article free of charge. If however you require a proper video, then click the blue box at the bottom of the screen and we will contact you. We do work with local media agencies, voice over artists and music and recording professionals, so we're in a very good position to pass leads to businesses whom we network with on their behalf.

We've set up an open business partnership with a leading Sussex based media agency to deliver results to our community business model and they're called Sussex Pages.